The Best Rated Online Mattress: Where To Find And How To Choose

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It’s a website with a lot of useful information about the mattresses and with plenty of top rated mattress lists. Our team will provide you real ratings and the most useful guides on finding the best mattress, as well as tips on how to improve the quality of your sleep and thus the overall health condition.

Get To Know High Rated Mattresses Better

Here, you’ll find literally everything you need to choose the right mattress at the right price. You’ll find top lists, comparison charts, useful tips, guides for buyers, and interesting blog posts on Our experts know everything about the mattresses and spend hours choosing the best rated online mattresses. We analyze a lot of factors, spot fake reviews, sort them out, and do our best to ensure that you will find the best products based on reviews written by real buyers.

Top lists of the best mattresses

P.S. Please note that we are mattress experts, not medical experts, and you still need to consult with your physician before buying a mattress for back pain and other health issues.

Looking for the best memory foam mattress or for the top-rated online mattress with coils? Want to find the mattress that will work best for kids, for side sleepers, or for people who suffer from back pain? We have everything you need here. Choose among the top 5-10 mattresses in every possible category, read the short expert reviews, and find your perfect sleep!

Comparison charts

Want to find the best rated online mattress by simply looking at the chart? It’s possible — has the most detailed comparison charts that will help you choose the mattress that will work best for you.

Useful tips and recommendations

Want to know what shopping day to choose to buy a good mattress at the right price and to save as much as possible? Want to find some tips that will help you choose the right firmness and thickness of the mattress? Looking for some other useful recommendations? Everything you need is available on

Guides for buyers

Looking for a full mattress buying guide? For a guide on how to choose the best-rated mattress 2020? Or for a guide on mattress sizes or types? offers all the most useful guides!

Interesting blog posts

It’s simple — if you want to know more about the mattresses, the mattress industry, and the latest technologies and features, you just can’t miss our blog.

Step-by-step guide on how to choose the best mattress right for you

how to choose the best mattress

How to choose the best, the most comfortable, and the top-rated mattress? Follow these three steps.

  1. Determine the mattress type
  2. Choose the firmness and sickness
  3. Find the top-rated mattress according to your needs

Choose the mattress type according to your sleeping position and your budget

  • Innerspring mattresses are cool, supportive, and affordable, but they are not as soft and comfortable in general as latex, hybrid, and memory foam mattresses.
  • Latex mattresses are cool, comfortable, and they provide that bouncing feeling lots of sleepers like (however, they are quite expensive).
  • Memory foam mattresses are quite hot, but they provide great motion isolation and contouring.
  • Hybrids contain both coils (innerspring system) and memory foam, so they provide support, good air circulation, and contouring.

Choose the right firmness and thickness

Most customers (almost 80%) prefer medium firmness, but there are also soft-to-medium and medium-to-firm mattresses that work great for lightweight sleepers and plus-size sleepers/back sleepers respectively. There are also extra-soft (plush) and extra-firm mattresses, but they are quite rare and the chances are very high that you simply don’t need them. As for thickness — most mattresses are 8-14 inches thick and it’s the perfect thickness for most users. Thicker mattresses (14-20 inches) are more expensive, they are the best option for plus-size sleepers and side sleepers, and they provide more cushioning. Thinner mattresses (8-12 inches) are typically cheaper, and they work best for back and stomach sleepers, as well as for lightweight people.

Read the reviews to choose the highest rated mattress

At this step, you need to choose the best rated online mattress. The point is, even if you’ve chosen a perfect thickness, firmness, and material of the mattress, this still doesn’t mean you will be satisfied with the purchase, especially if the mattress you’re gonna buy has a low customer rating. That’s why it’s extremely important to read all the reviews you can find on the brand websites, Amazon, eBay, and other online marketplaces. It’s a very time-consuming thing, of course, but it must be done if you want to choose the best mattress, not the best marketing.

Don’t want to spend hours reading the reviews and sorting out the fake ones? That’s when we step in to help you — our experts have already found the best rated mattress of each type and category. Read the top lists, choose the mattress you like most, and enjoy your best sleep!


What is the best rated mattress?

There are lots of top-rated mattresses, but if we have to choose one, it would definitely be the Original Mattress by Casper. It’s not that expensive for such quality (only $1,095 for the Queen size), it’s both supportive and comfortable, it has quite good air ventilation, and it’s available in memory foam or hybrid version.

When is the best time to buy a mattress?

If not considering special shopping days, such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday, and federal holidays, such as the 4th of July, our answer is March, April, and May. The point is, most mattress brands present their new mattress models in June, July, and August, so they often offer various discounts and sales from March to May.

Who makes the best mattress?

According to the ratings, such brands as Tempur-Pedic, Casper, Avocado, Purple, and Layla make the best mattresses. If you are looking for more affordable mattresses, you should take a look at such brands as Zinus, Leesa, and Nectar.

How often should you replace your mattress?

 The general advice is to replace your mattress every 6-8 years. However, this is not a solution that fits everyone — if your mattress is durable, if it doesn’t sag and doesn’t affect your sleep negatively, and if there are no bed bugs/mold in it, there’s no need to replace it. It also depends on the type of the mattress — if you have a latex mattress or an adjustable air mattress, you probably won’t need to replace it for 10-15 years, while innerspring mattresses should be replaced every 6-8 years.

Where to donate a mattress?

First, make sure your mattress is in good condition and doesn’t have any bed bugs or mold. If its condition is good, you can donate it to Goodwill (the mattress must be free of rips and stains), to Habitat for Humanity, to Donation Town, or to a local shelter. Craigslist will work great, too.

What is the most comfortable mattress?

 Layla Hybrid is the most comfortable mattress which is also one of the best-rated mattresses in 2020. Layla Hybrid is a flippable mattress with a plush and a firmer side, it provides both support and comfort and works well for all sleeping positions. It’s also a great choice for cool sleepers because of the copper gel. If you want to find even more comfortable mattresses, visit this page — 10 best products are waiting for you there.

Being a certified sleep science coach, Dakota Wallace has a deep understanding of people's issues and struggles with sleep. She spends a lot of time researching and testing sleep products, trying to understand how the quality of mattresses affects sleeping and what mattresses are better for what sleeping positions.
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