Perfect Cloud UltraPlush Gel-Max 10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Review

Perfect Cloud UltraPlush Gel-Max 10 inch memory foam mattress is an economical option for people who have a limited budget to replace old mattress. It costs a fraction of expensive modes of name brands so that anyone can afford it. It features gel foam in the center so you can expect it doesn’t retain much heat like standard foam. It’s different from many other gel foam mattresses and adjusts gel foam to the center not top. So it feels softer but still not ultra plush as the name suggests, medium to soft exactly. In a word, it’s a soft and cool mattress. It also has excellent performance in back pain reduction by placing your whole body naturally and correctly. Over 90% owners are satisfied with their choice and so are you.

Features of Perfect Cloud UltraPlush Gel-Max 10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

Medium to soft

This Perfect Cloud mattress isn’t too soft or ultra plush as its name showing. It’s medium to soft exactly. I think manufacturer must have read many consumer complaints about gel foam firmness so they insert gel foam layer in the middle instead of placing on the top. Adding gel beads into foam makes it feel firmer than standard memory foam and owners expected improvements. They exchange memory foam layer and gel foam to offer sleepers a relatively soft surface. Therefore, if you want to buy a very soft or plush mattress, keep looking.

Cooling feature – gel max

Perfect Cloud is featuring gel foam and they named the series, gel max, gel plus and gel pro. Currently, gel foam is the most effective technology to reduce heat retention and lower temperature to a certain degree. It can’t erase the issue but does better than standard memory foam mattress. If you’re hot natured, gel foam is a better choice. This Gel-Max 10 inch mattress is using 3 lb gel foam and such low density foam will help gel foam to release more heat than high density.

Pain relief and refreshed morning

The combination of 1.5 inch air infused foam and 2 inch gel foam is offering cradling comfort and mapping your contour in depth. Body pressure is distributed evenly on the whole bed and the whole body curve gets needed support, which means pressure points are removed. Owners feel comfortable and supportive, wake up really relaxed and refreshed next morning, and absolutely no pain.

About odor

Off-gassing is a common issue of this type of mattress. The odor is like smell in a new car and need a few days to dissipate. Generally, it will be gone and unnoticeable in 48 hours and not an issue for most people. But if you have a sensitive nose, it will be annoying especially when it’s lingering for long time. So leave it air out in a spare room with windows open after you unwrap it.

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