Serenia Sleep RV mattress: All You Need To Know About It

Serenia Sleep RV mattress is a 6-inch memory foam mattress that is designed for RV beds. It’s available in all the most popular standard and RV sizes (such as Short Queen and Short Full), it’s quite comfortable — well, as comfortable as a 6-inch RV mattress could be — and it falls within the “under $250” category even if you need the most expensive size (Queen).

Mattress typeMemory foam
Trial period
Warranty10-year warranty 
Produced inUSA
Review by a real userBought this for my trailer. It’s more comfortable than our king sized bed in the house. It’s firm and supportive but soft enough for me. I am a side sleeper.
Price (Twin)$180
Price (Queen)$230

Best for:

  • Lightweight and average-weight sleepers
  • Side sleepers — this mattress is quite supportive and it’s thick enough so you won’t feel the platform
  • Stomach sleepers — this mattress provides enough support and you will certainly not sink in it
  • Everyone who is searching for a quite comfortable and very cheap mattress for an RV, camper, or boat

Not the best for:

  • Heavy people — this mattress can collapse under a 200+ lbs sleeper
  • Very hot sleepers


This mattress is made in the United States of America, it’s quite comfortable, affordable, and it will work well for almost any RV. The manufacturer says that you’ll enjoy the luxury of this mattress, but let’s be honest: it’s more a marketing thing. The point is, the Serenia Sleep 6 inch RV mattress is simple, cheap, lightweight, and quite firm — but of course, it’s very far from “premium” and “luxury”. Here’s what it means for you as a buyer: if you want to find a cheap, firm, and quite good RV mattress, consider it done — just go and buy this Serenia Sleep product, it’ll work great for you. Just don’t expect it to be luxury (because it really isn’t) or perfect — because of course, it has both strong and weak sides. Let’s talk about them.

Comfort features and specialties of Serenia Sleep RV mattress


Serenia Sleep RV mattress 1

According to the manufacturer, this mattress is made of the “highest quality” and “premium” materials, but what does it really mean? In short, it’s a classic memory foam mattress with all the pros and cons of this material. It’s supportive, it’s good for pressure points, and it’s durable, but at the same time, it’s quite hot and too firm for some users.

The whole mattress is basically a 6″ base foam layer — it’s a high-density foam that provides a lot of support, but there is no upper comfort layer here. The cover of the mattress is made of smooth Damask fabric — it’s very breathable and comfortable.

Firmness and thickness

If you’re searching for a plush, extra-soft mattress, this product is definitely not the right choice for you. This Serenia Sleep mattress is either “medium-to-firm” or “firm” (or “too firm” as some people state), but it’s nowhere near the soft end of the spectrum. It’s not firm enough to create pressure points that cause aches and pains — it provides enough support, helps your body maintain good posture, and it can be a good choice for back pain.

According to the reviews, its firmness level will work perfectly for lightweight and average-weight sleepers as well as for those who don’t like plush mattresses (but it doesn’t mean that plus-size sleepers must avoid this mattress, of course).

Just don’t forget that firmness is an extremely subjective quality — thus, a few people said that this mattress feels like sleeping on a board, while the others said that it’s very comfortable and not overly firm. However, none of them say that it’s too soft.

Now, thickness. As you’ve already understood, this is a 6-inch mattress. Typically, 6 inch thick mattresses are too slim for an average user, but not when we’re talking about RV mattresses — most of them are 5-8 inches thick. For most buyers, 6 inches are enough — but of course, you can’t expect a 6-inch mattress to be too comfortable or too soft. Such mattresses — and this one is not an exception — don’t usually work well for side sleepers (because they just can’t provide enough cushioning) and for plus-size sleepers (because they are not thick enough to prevent the sinkage).

P.S. If you feel like this mattress is too firm for you, don’t worry — you’re not alone. According to the Serenia Sleep mattress reviews, you can fix this problem easily by buying a soft memory foam mattress topper. Most of them are quite soft and about 2-4 inches thick, so it’s a perfect way to make your mattress softer and increase its total thickness to 8-10 inches for a reasonable price.

Edge support

This mattress is made of high-density firm foam, so it provides quite good edge support. However, it’s far from perfect — this mattress will most likely compress when you sleep near the edge. In short, the edge support of this Serenia Sleep product is exactly what you would expect from a mattress under $200.

Motion isolation

Everything’s good with motion isolation here — Serenia Sleep 6 inch RV mattress consists of memory foam, and this material cuts down the amount of motion that is transferred when you or your partner moves at night. In this regard, this mattress is almost perfect.

Heat regulation

Like any other memory foam mattress, Serenia Sleep RV mattress is not the best choice for hot sleepers — this material has serious problems with retaining body heat. What’s more, it consists of high-density memory foam, and this density level is the worst when it comes to air ventilation and therefore to heat regulation.

The interesting thing here is that lots of users of this mattress say that they haven’t had any issues with temperature and that this mattress has never made them warm at night. Why? We don’t know, maybe it’s all about sleeping with an A/C on.

We still can’t recommend this mattress to the hot sleepers, however, this material doesn’t release body heat quickly and it takes quite a lot of time for it to return to the neutral temperature.

Pressure relief

This mattress offers quite good pressure relief — it’s made of memory foam, and this material always adjusts to the body properly even if it’s not a premium mattress that costs $3,000. When you lie on this Serenia Sleep mattress, you’ll feel that it contours to your body and relieves pressure points quite well, and this is the maximum you can expect from such a cheap mattress.

Ease of movement

Serenia Sleep RV mattress 2

Memory foam mattresses are not the easiest to move on because foam is a very soft material. However, it’s not a huge issue when we’re talking about this particular mattress — according to the Serenia Sleep mattress reviews, the users don’t feel like climbing out of it when they move on it. It’s all about firmness and support — this mattress is very supportive so you will not have any problems with it even if you toss and turn a lot during your night’s sleep.

Compatibility with mattress bases

  • Slatted bed base — can work for this quite thin mattress, but it depends on the distance between the slats (according to the customers’ reviews, 2-3 inches is enough to get the needed support).
  • Box spring — totally possible, but you’ll probably have trouble finding a short-Queen or a short-Full size box spring. If you have the Froli system in your RV (it’s a common substitute for a box spring), this mattress will work great with it, too.
  • Platform base — 100% compatible. However, you’ll probably need a memory foam topper because some users can feel the platform when they use this mattress (as it isn’t thick enough).
  • Adjustable base — technically it’s possible to use this base if it’s a bed with an inclination of less than 30% — this is relevant to a bigger brother of this mattress model, an 8-inch RV mattress by Serenia Sleep, and we don’t think that it would be different for this particular mattress. The problem is that no such details are mentioned by the manufacturer, so we recommend contacting the Serenia Sleep company and asking them this question if you’re gonna buy this mattress for an adjustable bed.
  • Floor — again, it’s possible, but it will probably not be your best sleep. This mattress is not soft and thick enough to provide you a 100% comfortable experience if you put it on the floor.

To sum up

It’s a very affordable mattress — the Serenia Sleep 6″ Short Queen costs less than $200 and the Queen sized mattress costs only $230 (it’s the most expensive size available). The price is not its only advantage — it provides quite good support, it’s firm, it has good motion isolation, and in general, it works great for the majority of RV users who have bought it. It’s one of the best RV mattresses for the money, so we definitely recommend it. But it won’t work great for everyone, of course — if you’re a plus-size sleeper, a very hot sleeper, or a person who prefers very soft mattresses, this Serenia Sleep mattress is not what you really need.


Who manufactures Serenia Sleep mattresses?

Or “Are Serenia Sleep mattresses made in USA?”. Yes. According to the manufacturer, all the Serenia Sleep mattresses are made, compressed, and packed in the United States.

Is Serenia Sleep 6 inch RV mattress soft or firm?

It certainly isn’t soft. This mattress is medium-to-firm, according to the manufacturer and to the users’ reviews. If you want to make it softer, don’t worry — you can buy a comfortable memory foam topper.

How long does it take for this Serenia Sleep mattress to expand?

While most thicker mattresses expand quite slowly, this is not the kind of issue you’re gonna solve with this mattress — it will expand very quickly. Just unroll it, wait for 1-2 hours, and start using it.

Is this Serenia Sleep RV mattress safe?

Yes. The manufacturer is CertiPUR-US certified, so it’s made without flame retardants and ozone depleters. There might be a slight odor due to the material used (memory foam), but it doesn’t mean that it’s dangerous, that’s just how all memory foam mattresses work.

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