Signature Sleep Memory Foam Mattress Review, 12-inch, 10-inch, 8-inch, 6-inch

Signature Sleep is one of the cost efficient brands and always has more competitive price. Their successful low price strategy boosts its sales super a lot. In the past two years, Signature Sleep memory foam mattress has taken up first place in bestsellers from a new comer nobody knows. Although the price is cheap, some owners compared it to expensive names like Tempurpedic or PosturPedic. To be honest, they’re not in the same league. But what owners mean is they’re very happy with it. We can’t ask for all from a memory foam mattress that costs only around $300. It does have a few advantages like minimizing noise and movements, removing pressure points, etc. but there are still some downsides we need to talk about.

Different size

This series of Signature Sleep has four sizes available, 6 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch and 12 inch. They have a slight difference. As for thickness, 6 inch is 1.5” top plus 5.5” base, 8 inch is 2” plus 6”, 10 inch is 2.5” and 7.5”, 12 inch is 4” and 8”. 12 inch size has the highest memory foam layer so most 12” owners mentioned it was on the soft side, while other three sizes have thinner top so more owners put it on the firm side. If you like firm and supportive mattress, it’s better to get 10 inch or less. Athletes or heavy persons will have better experience on thick size because they need more support and comfort.

Why it’s so cheap?

Why are Signature Sleep mattresses only 1/10 or less of the name brands? Many people who first see the price will have the question in their minds. Lest’s start from foam density, one crucial factor of memory foam mattress. Signature sleep is using range from 2 to 4 lb dense top layer. 2 to 4 lb is divided into low density category. In the industry, the denser the foam is, the more expensive the mattress will be. So far, Signature Sleep is primarily sold online seldom in local stores. You can hardly find their advertisement anywhere because they don’t do any marketing. Their mattresses are made in China so the cost is much lower than those made in USA. No rent, small payroll, and no marketing, these are secrets of low price.

Soft medium

As for firmness, Signature Sleep Memoir memory foam mattress is 9 ILD rating, which is on the soft side. When it comes to ILD rating, 13 to 15 is medium level, below will be softer and above firmer. According to owner report, it’s physically soft to medium. The mattress is cozy and allowing sinking a bit but also providing enough support. Therefore, many people no longer suffer from back aches and insomnia. If you prefer soft mattress, it’s the best deal.

Not stink

Off-gassing is an issue customers talked a lot when reviewing a memory foam mattress. But this mattress doesn’t stink much. Thanks to low density, it emits less scents than high density bed. Most owners have no problem with it. Even if it comes along with the mattress, it’s barely discernible and goes away quickly.

Short warranty

1 year limited warranty is what Signature Sleep gives to their beds. It’s an irresponsible warranty compared to more than 10 years of other brands. It seems that they don’t want to give customer service after sale. I can’t understand why they have a shortsighted policy like this. Such policy will definitely hold back people who are interested in their products.

Where to buy

This brand is only sold on the internet. Go to those big merchants who have better return policy and customer service. As far as I know, Amazon has a 45 days return policy and Walmart supports 90 days return. Both are good places to go.

Being a certified sleep science coach, Dakota Wallace has a deep understanding of people's issues and struggles with sleep. She spends a lot of time researching and testing sleep products, trying to understand how the quality of mattresses affects sleeping and what mattresses are better for what sleeping positions.
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