Sleep Innovations Shea 10-inch Memory Foam Mattress With 20-Year Warranty

Sleep Innovations Shea 10-inch Memory Foam Mattress is one of the best selling high rated beds over the internet. It consists of dual layers, a 3-inch 3 lb memory foam on top of a 7-inch low density foam base. It’s a standard configuration of 10-inch mattress to provide cushy sleep and enough support. The patented Sure Temp Technology allows the bed to breathe easily and prevent fast buildup of body heat.  It comes with a nice cover and two small pillows. But don’t take it seriously because pillows are quite small, they might be great for sitting in bed reading, not big enough for sleep. I have to say made in the USA is a bonus point considering the whole market is full of models imported from China. It’s a firm mattress ideal for every position. Especially for side and back sleepers. Let’s dig deeper to find out something you don’t know.

Motion isolation, low noise

To isolate movements is one of the biggest features of memory foam mattress over other types. This Shea 10-inch can limit motion and noise at night when you get up for a drink or bathroom breaks. If you are a light sleeper or have a habit of often getting up a few times a night, this mattress will definitely improve your sleep.

Sleep not hot

As previously described, Shea10-inch applied a cooling technology to reduce heat that trapped in the mattress and hundreds and thousands of customers have proven that the technology does work. Some customers live in Florida reviewed they didn’t find any overwarm area in summer and it had no difference with spring mattress. But it doesn’t mean it works on everyone. Some people especially hot sleepers can still expect night sweats. That said, if you have higher body temperature, go to local stores for test drive first.


Some websites or people described it being as hard as marble or rock. Actually, they’re not right. It’s a 10-inch firm mattress with softness and give. Once sleepers lay down, top memory foam starts to melt and conform. That’s a real plus for people who have back pain or joint problems because super soft or firm bed could aggravate the condition. Unlike spring mattress, it doesn’t have reinforced edge so we can’t sit on the edge or we might probably fall off.

Fit average build and large persons

Shea 10-inch is more of a firm mattress, it better fits average and above-average size persons. When such sleepers lay on the mattress, the mattress contours to their body and keep their body parts well aligned and the 7-inch bottom foam provides them enough support without bottoming out. While a man of slender build sleeping on this mattress might feel like sleeping on a concrete slab, as they are light, their weight cannot sink into the mattress and they can just notice the firmness of the bed and feel slightly discomfortable. In this case, an extra topper will be needed to add softness of this mattress.

Need a solid foundation

There is one thing you have to know, avoid to put Sleep Innovations memory foam mattresses on foundation with just a few slats of wood. Any bed frame have slats more than 6 inch apart cannot give enough support to the whole mattress. More importantly, that can influence mattress lifespan and void the warranty.

No bad smell

If you have a sensitive nose, it may come with fresh foam smell like a new car. Generally, five or seven days after the mattress blows itself up, the smell will disappear. Some owners wait longer to sleep on it, while some get on bed right after it settles into its final shape. Smell is not big a deal.

Downside of Shea 10-inch

Stuck in the rut

When we lay on the bed, our body sinks in and a rut gradually takes shape. If you often change sleep positions, you will find it’s not that easy as do on spring mattress or other types. Sleep Innovations 10-inch doesn’t bounce back as quickly as spring mattress does. It takes a few minutes to remove your body impression. That’s why some people mention it seems to climb a mountain when they change position.

Rotating required

When it comes to maintenance, all memory foam mattresses including Shea 10-inch don’t require turning over. You just need to rotate mattress regularly when you have time. Some owners even rotate every day, while some never do. Let’s say, rotate once every two weeks is good enough to keep our mattress in nice condition.

Improve quality control

Sleep Innovations is proudly made in America, its quality standards are higher than models imported and the defected rate is much lower. However, there are still some imperfect products, sag after years’ use or develop soft spots (lose its firmness)etc. Though not many, they are still out there. Sleep Innovations needs to better improve the quality of their mattresses and make warranty easier to redeem once issues occurred.


It’s not a complicated bed as you can see from simple dual layers. But it has all that you expect from a 10-inch memory foam mattress, US quality, cradling comfort, limited noise, less aches and refreshed morning. What’s more, we can afford and never waste thousand bucks on a bed. Amazon often lowers the price to do promotion. Go to check it out and get at a bargain price.

Being a certified sleep science coach, Dakota Wallace has a deep understanding of people's issues and struggles with sleep. She spends a lot of time researching and testing sleep products, trying to understand how the quality of mattresses affects sleeping and what mattresses are better for what sleeping positions.
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