Sleep Master Memory Foam Mattress Review

Low price competition is fierce in memory foam mattress market. Sleep Master memory foam mattress is one of most competitive products as the price is cheaper than opponents. It has all that other cheap mattresses have. It conforms to body shape, provides enough support and relieves all pressure points. Sleep Master also sent their memory foam to Alliance for Flexible Polyurethane Foam to get CertiPur-US certification. Mattress with the seal contains no harmful substances. It’s safe to you and your family. It has unique feature different from other brands, called BioFoam. Its formula replaces 20% fossil fuel with plant-seed oil and uses green tea extract for odor control.

What does Sleep Master memory foam mattress have?

6-inch, 8-inch, 10-inch, 12-inch, 14-inch available

Now Sleep Master has five heights available from 6” to 14”. 6-inch and 8-inch have only 1.5 inch or 2-inch memory foam on top. They will be well suited for kid’s bed. 10-in and 12-inch include thicker memory foam layer, which can give enough cradling comfort to adults. 14-inch has multiple layers for comfort, heat-dissipating and support and great for people weigh a lot.


Each mattress should have come with ILD rating for customer to gauge firmness but unfortunately Sleep Master doesn’t give any clue. Based on owner reports, Sleep Master memory foam mattress is on the firm side. Such firmness setting earned both praise and critiques. Many people who owned a memory foam topper misunderstood memory foam mattress was as soft as a topper. But they were disappointed as results didn’t meet their expectation. Actually, it’s firm but not as hard as a rock. It still conforms to your body. The mattress also needs time to adjust to your body and starts to soften and contour as it gets used to your weight and temperature. If you prefer a firm mattress, you will be doing well with it. If not, you may be disappointed.


Sleep Master also performs very well in pain relief. After lay down on mattress, you will sink into it gradually. Then it cradles each part of your body. Except 6 inch, all other thickness models include a pressure relieving comfort foam. That ensures shoulders, back and hips appropriate support. No matter sleep on your side, stomach or back, your pain will go away.

Sleep hot?

Sleep Master doesn’t use special technology like gel foam to lower temperature on surface but surprisingly the number of owners who reported heat retention issue is much less than expected. Even some hot natured persons are doing well with it.

Cheap, save your money

Cheap is the biggest selling point of Sleep Master because it’s cheap end of cheap end memory foam mattress. You’ll find all sizes and styles always cost tens of dollars less than other brands. Cheap but comfortable, that’s why many people mentioned in reviews. If we have the same experience, why not spend less and put money on other things.


No matter what brands, all memory foam mattresses come with new smell. Generally, the smell will disappear after air out for two days. Considering BioFoam and green tea extract, Sleep Master will have better performance in off-gassing. Most owners have no problem with it.

Who standing behind

The manufacturer is a South Korea company with primary factory in China, called Zinus. It created and maintained three brands including Spa Sensations, Night Therapy and Vivon. Their primary products are mattresses, pillows and other bed top products. That being said, Sleep Master memory foam mattress is imported from China.

What critics does Sleep Master get?

Smell badly
A few owners reported BioFoam didn’t work. The smell was strong and lingered too long.

Too firm
Some owners complained they couldn’t get used to it as it was too firm.

Being a certified sleep science coach, Dakota Wallace has a deep understanding of people's issues and struggles with sleep. She spends a lot of time researching and testing sleep products, trying to understand how the quality of mattresses affects sleeping and what mattresses are better for what sleeping positions.
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